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Simon & Catniss

Our Cats.

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Wholemeal Pancakes

My Best Friend moved into our house at the end of February this year and today, we decided that we would make ourselves some delicious Pancakes!

Preparation Time: 15 mins   Cook Time: 15-30 mins

2 Cups Self Raising Flour
2 Pinches Salt
1 teaspoon Bicarbonate Soda
6 Table Spoons of Sugar
1.5 Cups Milk
2 Eggs

1. Mix the Flour, Salt, Bicarbonate Soda & Sugar
2. Add the Milk and the Eggs and mix well (electric mixer or spoon) until smooth
3. Cook and Eat

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Rebekah’s 13th Tea Party

My sister had her 13th Birthday Party a while back with two of her friends and she decided that she would have a High “Tea” Party. It wasn’t really much of a Tea party because the tea was replaced with Creaming Soda… I took a couple of pictures on my new Camera :) If anyone is wondering why the first picture is really strange – it’s because my friend David said this is what he would have at his tea party…

IMG_8743 IMG_8757 IMG_8761 IMG_8762 IMG_8765 IMG_8772